segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017

Melhores de 2016 - Séries

1. Stranger Things (S1)

2. The Missing (S2)

3. Rectify (S4 -series finale)

4. The Night Of (S1)

5. Better Call Saul

6. Ray Donovan (S4)

 7. Bloodline (S2)

8. Peaky Blinders (S3)

9. The Americans (S4)

10. Marco Polo (S2)

11. Narcos (S2)

 12. Banshee (S4 - Series Finale)

13. Black Sails (S3)

14. Vikings (S4)

15. Game of Thrones (S6)

Luther (S4)
The Night Manager (mini-série)
Olive Kittridge (mini-série)
The Man in the High Castle (S1)
Vinyl (S1)
Daredevil (S2)
Mr. Robot (S2)
Quarry (S1)
House of Cards (S4)

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